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    Laos is a mountainous landlocked country, sharing borders with Vietnam to the east, Camdodia to the south, Thailand to the west and Burma and China to the north.

    The country is officially Buddhist and prior to 1998 there were more monks in Laos than tourists. The official name of the country is LAO-PDR which means Lao-Please Don't Rush.

    Thailand promotes itself as "Amazing", Vietnam can be well described as "Bustling", however there is only one sentence that can describe Laos with its mountains and scenery as "Simply Beautiful".

    Despite having only a small population, Laos has 49 ethnic groups consisting of Lao, Khmou and Hmong. The language spoken is similar to that of Thai as the country was controlled by Siam prior to  colonisation by the French.

    Laos was granted full independence from the French in 1953, however the war continued between a bewildering variety of factions, with the Communist and North Vietnam allied Pathet Lao struggling to overthrow the French leaning monarchy.

    Parts of the Ho Chi Minh trail enter Laos and during the Vietnam War from 1964 to 1973, the United States dropped 1.9 million tonnes of bombs on Laos, mostly in the north east, in an effort to destroy the trail. In comparison, 2.2 million tonnes of bombs were dropped by all sides in WW 2.

    The Ho Chi Minh trail in Laos is littered with the remnants of broken tanks, trucks and defused bombs as a result of this campaign.

    Laos now has very close ties to Vietnam with cross border trading occurring on a daily basis. It is not uncommon to see Lao people mixing with Vietnamese people at border crossing points trading at markets.

    Life in Laos has continued in much the same way it has for hundreds of years although things are now slowly beginning to change.

    To really appreciate the country is to tour it at a leisurely pace by motorcycle.

    Vietnamrealminsk motorcycle tours has an 10 - 12 day package available beginning in Hanoi and ending in Vientianne or 14 - 16 days beginning in Hanoi to Vientianne , Luangprbang ...and ending in Hoi An ancient town, exploring this wonderful countrys' scenery and learning about the people ,their customs and habits and sampling their food.

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