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    Minsk 125cc
    rest stop beside river
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    Rest stop beside river

    Nowadays the Minsk is very popular for people who enjoy riding in the mountains of Vietnam. It is a small 125cc bike but very good and suitable for mountainous roads - a special riding experience for foreign tourists and even for Vietnamese riders. The bike is ideal for any trip into the mountains in the north of Vietnam, which is why, in northern Vietnam, many farmers consider the Minsk a true friend, a tool to carry and transfer goods anywhere they want. But about the Minsk history, not so many people know about that.

    The Minsk motorbike, which first appeared in 1946 and was a copy of the German DKW RT 125, was produced in Moscow factory but 5 years later the factory was moved to Minsk city, the capital of Belarus. Our Minsk today is the MMVZ – 112 model but is modified with 4 stroke engine, will be more powerful, more stable to conquer more off roads.

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