The routes

  • Vietnam Real Minsk

    Honda bikes in front of a Russian tank at Khe Sanh town
    A good view for rest stop
    Minsk in cloudy day
    Moutainous road in spring time
    Ho Chi Minh trail
    Under muddy trail
    Honda bikes get stuck in muddy road
    Narrow rocky trail
    Water wheel
    Dragon road
    Mixing colour terrace field
    Stunning view
    Crossing bamboo bridge
    Ploughing paddy field
    Green field
    Get stuck in muddy trail
    Passing black river in dry season
    Ban Gioc water fall
    H'mong house in golden terrace field
    On the way go home
    Ban Gioc Water Fall
    A portrait of H'mong old lady
    Smiling hill tribe kids
    Amazing terrace field view
    Passing bamboo bridge
    Honda bike in middle road
    Up to trail
    On the edge of track road
    Crossing tiny bridge
    Passing tea hill
    Down to muddy road
    Riding through green paddy field to home stay

    Vietnam Real Minsk is a newly founded company but we have at least 7 years of work and professional experience in the field of Vietnam motorcycle tours and travel adventure. We have a wide knowledge and experience of the roads that you definitely would not find on the maps with any other motorcycle tour company. Our Motorbike tour of Vietnam will take you places that will leave you in awe over the beautiful scenery. Our bike tours can be on sealed roads and offroad similar to the Top Gear program.

    We enjoy making a difference and know how to make your tour exciting and unique. We love to explore the small roads , trail , bad roads , passing through the remote villages to learn people's lives , enjoy natural scenery and experience the wilderness without any sign tourists .

    With Vietnam 's Real Minsk, we'll show you a real Vietnam with the customs and traditions , cuisine and culture of each regions and its spectacular natural beauty . Please join us , we know and how to make a difference for you , Viet Nam Real Minsk is more than a real experience and will inspire to conquer all the roads.

    Real Minsk have had many people on our Vietnam motorbike tours and you can see their comments on our facebook page. Please friend us there where you can speak to our happy clients about their experiences and ask questions about Vietnam motorcycle tours.

    For more information on the TOURS or to know which type of motorcycle you want to go on selected BIKES . If you intend to join in a departing tour go to the DEPARTURE TOURS, do not miss the opportunity to join us .